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Yannis Frier : guitar
Yannis Frier

version française

Born March 30th 1977

In 1991, strongly influenced by blues and punk music, Yannis Frier begins his musical experiences with a rural garage band. In 1998, at the same time as his studies at the art-school, he joins La Petite Compagnie, an octet with many influences (klezmer, rock, jazz...) with which he tries his hand at collective musical composition, (more than 400 concerts and 2 albums).
Attracted by improvisation, he started to learn jazz in music school and he taked part in the creation of Marquis Tsaw and Grand Chahut Collectif, with which he currently works as guitar player, composer and improviser: Bruisse (acoustic trio, improvisation), Burzic (cinema-concert, free-rock-burlesque), Grand Chahut Ensemble (big band), Le Nœud Logique (improvisation, concerts with guests: Yuko Oshima, Guigou Chenevier...), Balinaises Chahutations (meeting with a little Gamelan), Grand Lilliput Ensemble (meeting with 4te Lilliput Orkestra, direction and compositions by Laurent Rochelle), Bocofri (guitar trio), Tsalorlaari (afghan traditionnal music revisited), Nicht Rio, Asile Mabuse, solo (improvisation)...
In 2018 he starts to play with Julien Corda in the duet Fricot.
He is also graphic designer and illustrator (Atelier Hurf) and he is involved with non-profit organization  BZA.

• Le GLE : "Suites erratiques" (CD, 2012, Linoleum)
• Nicht Rio : "Title turtle" [2010, insub38]
• compilation "Guitars - an anthology of experimental solo guitar music" (double CD, 2010, Setola di Maiale)
• Yannis Frier : "Sporgersi" (3 inch CD, 2009, La Station Radar)
• Le nœud logique + Yuko Oshima (CD, 2009, GCC / ADJ)
• Balinaises Chahutations : "Kabar campuran !" (CD, 2008, GCC / ADJ)
• Le nœud logique : "Improvisations 05" (CDr, 2005, GCC)
• La Petite Compagnie : "Naphtaline" (CD, 2003, PCC / Irfan)
• La Petite Compagnie (CD, 1999, PCC / Irfan)

he has also played with : Antez, Jérôme Antonuccio, Antoine Arlot, Jean-Paul Autin, Thomas Barrière, Christophe Berthet, Laurent Bigot, Alberto Boccardi, Richard Bokhobza, Jean Bolcato, Thomas Bonvalet, Olivier Bost, Heddy Boubaker, Thérèse Bosc, Sébastien Bouhana, Olivier Brousse, Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Eugene Chadbourne, Chris Chanet, Xavier Charles, Guigou Chenevier, Sébastien Cirotteau, Vincent Copier, Julien Corda, Emmanuel Cremer, Michel Deltruc, Justine Desprez, D'incise, Doro Di Manta, Michel Doneda, Rémi Dumoulin, Dario Fariello, Pierre Faure, Charles Fichaux, Fred Galland, Lionel Garcin, Amanda Gardone, Guillaume Gargaud, Anouck Genthon, Olivier Germain-Noureux, Jean-Philippe Gomez, Nathalie Goutailler, Laurent Grappe, Stéphan Gueydan, Insub Meta Orchestra, Arnaud Jarsaillon, Louis Laurain, Soizic Lebrat, Le cri de la fourmi, Johannes Leis, Yannick Lemesle, Lê Quan Ninh, Emilie Lesbros, Marc Maffiolo, Christian Malfray, Lionel Malric, Jean-Sébastien Mariage, Sylvain Mazens, Anne Montagard, Anne-Sophie Millet, Adrian Myhr, sRaphael Ortis, Laurent Paris, Bastien Pelenc, Piero Pepin, Jean-Baptiste Perez, Anne-Laure Pigache, Mathias Pontevia, Corinne Pontier, Pascal Portejoie, Yuko Oshima, Laurent Rochelle, Damien Sabatier, Nicolas Talbot, Scott Taylor, Emily Tissot, Xavier Saïki, Sylvain Vast, Loïc Verdillon, Nusch Werchowska, Naoto Yamagishi, Julie Zglinski...

« Monsieur Frier is part of that virtual group of european guitarists which are going to take the baton from the great experimentators of the electric guitar language ; the actual step for these young musicians consists in gathering experiences (of what have been played in the past and now belongs to the living tradition, and also experiences of work with other musicians, in different fields), and in developing and testing the innovations and new languages to come. Improvisation, extended techniques, fusion with electronics, influences coming from distant and foreign genres and cultures : Frier can be one of the freshest representatives of a wise synthesis of these and other elements. Frier also sounds unmistakably French – some phrases reveal in fact a kind of ironic, amused after-taste, which surely will arouse the listener’s curiosity For what concerns the ability of instant-invention, so crucial in the process of improvising, he can boast a wide range of musical experiences, from punk to jazz to traditional music, from big ensembles to smaller groups, working with written scores or free improvisation, in acoustic, electric or electronic ; he has therefore an enviable vocabulary, and his approach to improvisation, even in the most harsh and radical efforts, denotes a great sensibility towards the inner architecture of the piece – a skill for structural synthesis which makes him worthy of the open-minded audience’s attention. »
Marco Tabellini

mob : +0033 (0)7 82 41 39 65
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